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301077 - VGA & Component to HDMI Converter & Switch

301077 - VGA & Component to HDMI Converter & Switch
This converter will take your VGA output device (Laptop, PC, etc.) or your Component output device (PSP, DVD, Wii, Xbox, etc.) and allow you to hook them up to your HDMI display. This VGA/Component Video + Audio to HDMI Converter is the perfect choice to hook up your non-HDMI equipment to your HDMI TV. With this converter you can also have two devices hooked up at the same time and then simply push the selector button on the unit or via your handy remote control to switch back and forth between your devices.
  • Converts VGA and/or Component Video + 3.5mm Stereo and/or R/L RCA Audio to HDMI and SPDIF
  • Inputs: VGA / YPbPr (Component) / Right & Left RCA Audio / 3.5mm Stereo Mini-Jack (Can't be used with R/L audio input at the same time)
  • Outputs: HDMI / SPDIF (Toslink fiber optic digital audio) / SPDIF (Coax digital audio)
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p
  • Switch between your VGA or Component device (manual or remote control)
  • IR Remote Control included for more convenient switching
  • Easy Installation
  • Power Supply Included
Our Price: $44.95

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