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301058 - 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch

301058 - 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch
301058 - 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch
301058 - 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch

This is a True 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch and will allow you to view up to 8 source devices on 8 displays. This matrix switch gives you the flexibility to view a single source device on all displays simultaneously or to have multiple devices going to multiple displays all at the same time.

For example, if you wanted your DVD Player going to 5 displays and your DVR going to 3 displays all at the same time, then this is the device you need. What if you wanted to have your Xbox going to 4 displays downstairs, your DVD player to the display in your bed room upstairs, and your cable box to your living room display, and you wanted all of this to happen simultaneously? Well then this HDMI Matrix switch is the answer.

  • 8X8 True HDMI V1.4 Matrix Switch with IR Remote Control
  • Connections: 8 HDMI inputs & 8 HDMI outputs
  • Digital LED Display 
  • Full HDMI routing function
  • HDMI Version 1.4 
  • Supports 1080p
  • Supports 4K*2K
  • Supports 3D Video
  • Supports 36 bit deep color
  • Intelligent EDID setting function
  • Control the switch via the provided IR Remote, manually via push buttons, or RS232 Ports
  • Rubber grip feet to place on desktop or table
  • Standard 19" Rack Mountable 
  • Built-in fans to keep the unit cool
  • HDCP Compliant

Package Contents

  • Main Unit - 8x8 HDMI Matrix
  • 12VDC Power Supply
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • Operating Instructions and Drivers via CD
Our Price: $949.95

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